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Math Practice Tests for the ACT

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This new and improved second edition of Math Practice Tests for the ACT includes ACT-style practice tests, relevant test questions, and detailed answer explanations that will help you achieve HIGH SCORES on the ACT Test. 

Inside this book: 

  • 8 Full-length Math Tests for the ACT
  • Updated and Detailed Answer Explanations 
  • Question types follow the new ACT format 
  • Questions similar to real ACT exam questions
  • Core math concepts that appear in the ACT 

There is more to improving your ACT score than your knowledge of mathematics. Preparation for the style of questions and the pace of the test is just as critical for achieving a high score. The ACT recently changed formats, so even students who have previously taken the exam can improve their scores by understanding the new test style.

This updated second edition has eight full-length math tests comprising a total of 480 practice questions, along with detailed answer explanations for all questions. These practice tests will improve the student’s familiarity with the ACT, providing the following:

  • Familiarity with the test format means time saved that can be applied to the test questions.
  • Knowledge of test question styles minimizes confusion, saves time, and improves accuracy. 
  • Practice test results show areas where the student needs additional review.  

Start preparing for the ACT with Math Practice Tests for the ACT today!  

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