August 2022

Business Plan Essentials - A practical guide for businesses as well as nonprofits and project developments

This book goes a step ahead of the competition by demonstrating sample business plans for different types of businesses.


6 Practice Tests For the GRE is Now Available on NetGalley

This updated edition gives a simulated practice of the GRE and makes learners test-ready



July 2022

Vibrant Publishers’ Self-Learning Management Series - A Crash Course for Entrepreneurs

Recommended by top university professors, the SLM series makes learning business and management concepts easy, economical, and accessible for entrepreneurs



June 2022

Vibrant’s Newly Released Test-Prep Books are Instrumental in Preparing for the ACT and SAT

With these guidebooks, learners will get ample practice for the ACT and SAT standardized tests


Vibrant’s GRE Quantitative Reasoning Supreme is Back with a New & Updated Second Edition

With this book, students are provided with intensive practice that will help them score high in the quantitative reasoning section of the GRE


Vibrant’s Microeconomics Essentials is a Deep-Dive Into the World of Microeconomics

Microeconomics Essentials You Always Wanted To Know Explores the Frontiers of the Field of Microeconomics


Vibrant’s Business Plan Essentials is a Must-Have Guide for All Entrepreneurs

Business Plan Essentials You Always Wanted To Know Will Teach Budding Entrepreneurs All They Need To Know About Creating a Business Plan



May 2022

Vibrant’s GRE Complete Course is All Learners Need to Ace the GRE

This power-packed combo includes five essential GRE books for high-level GRE preparation. 



April, 2022

Vibrant’s Upcoming Title is an Essential Guide to Learning About Diversity

This upcoming book, Diversity in the Workplace Essentials, offers a thorough understanding of why diversity is so important today. 


Vibrant’s SAT Math Practice Questions is Now Available on NetGalley

With This Comprehensive Practice Book, Learners Will Be Able to Thoroughly Prepare for the Math Section of the SAT


Vibrant’s Finance and Accounting Essentials books Are Now Available on NetGalley

New, Updated Editions of Financial Accounting, Financial Management, and Cost Accounting and Management Essentials are On The Way


Sales Management Essentials – An Exciting Guide to the World of Sales and Sales Management

Vibrant’s Sales Management Essentials is a definitive guide to understanding various sales management tools, sales techniques, and sales promotion strategies



March, 2022

Vibrant’s ACT & SAT Practice Test books Are Now Available on NetGalley

With these guidebooks, learners will be able to ace the ACT and SAT standardized tests.



February, 2022

The Perfect Guide to Writing Academic-Style Essays

Vibrant’s Essay Guidebook Offers Step-By-Step, Proven Strategies for Crafting a High-Scoring ACT Essay


Education Experts Join Vibrant Publishers’ Advisory Board to Create Affordable Learning Tools

The New Board Will Provide Strategic Insights to Co-Create an Array of Practical, Actionable, and Affordable Learning Tools


Sales Management Essentials is Now Available on NetGalley

Be the First to Read and Review Vibrant’s new Self-Learning Management Book



January, 2022

45-day MBA Crash Course Under $600

Vibrant Publisher’s Management Books Set includes an Overview of All the Essential Aspects of Management that you’ll learn in an MBA course!



September, 2021

Vibrant Publishers’ New Book helps Management Professionals Master Organizational Behavior Through Self-Study

The new book, Organizational Behavior Essentials, focuses on human resources and talent development within the modern organization.


Vibrant Publishers’ book Core Java Interview Questions Will Help Java Aspirants Land Their Dream Job

Core Java Interview Questions : Second Edition aids job seekers in preparing for their dream coding job.



August, 2021

Vibrant Publisher’s Next Book Brings Essential Knowledge for Understanding Organizational Behavior

New and upcoming leaders in today’s workplace must understand organizational behaviour with ability to navigate the complex interactions of business associates.



July, 2021

Crack the Code to a Great Coding Job Interview with This Upcoming Release

Tech industry jobs are highly competitive, especially in popular coding areas like Core Java. To stand above other job seekers, preparing for an interview is essential to win your dream job. 


The ability to tell a story through numbers has become increasingly critical to human resource (HR) professionals. Vibrant Publishers released Dr. Michael Walsh’s HR Analytics Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (HR Analytics Essentials). 


Operations and Supply Chain Management Essentials You Always Wanted to Know – by Vibrant Publishers
was recently recognized as a Distinguished Favorite in the New Nonfiction Category of the Independent Press Award, outshining a myriad collection of excellent non fiction books from all over the world.



February, 2020

Making Higher Education Affordable and Enriching for Future Managers

One of the most disheartening statistics in America today is that of college dropouts. According to College Atlas, 70% of Americans join college but less than 2/3 of them graduate with a degree and 30% of them dropout after the first year.



December, 2019

Vibrant Publishers Makes GRE Essay Prep Simpler with the Launch of 4 NEW Analytical Writing Books

Vibrant Publishers is excited to announce the launch of New Editions of four Analytical Writing Books for GRE test takers. With these books, the test takers will get an opportunity to practice writing strategies and read sample essays before writing the real GRE.

October, 2019

Vibrant Publishers Illuminates Operations and Supply Chain Management With its Launch of a New Book

Vibrant Publishers is excited to announce the launch of a new book by Ashley McDonough, Operations And Supply Chain Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know. This book is perfect for students at undergraduate and graduate courses.



September, 2019

Vibrant Publishers Transforms How Students Prepare for the ACT Essay With Its Launch of a New Book & ACT Essay Writing Contest

Vibrant Publishers Transforms How Students Prepare for the ACT Essay With Its Launch of a New Book & ACT Essay Writing Contest. This guidebook is designed to prepare students to write a high scoring argumentative essay for the standardized college admission ACT test