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Cost Accounting and Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know: 5th Edition

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A simple guide to making managerial decisions based on cost data.

Cost Accounting & Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know: 5th Edition condenses the vast world of cost accounting and management into a practical, compact guide. In this book, the conceptual frameworks of cost accounting and management are presented with practical examples that help solidify the learner’s understanding. With this book, professionals will become acquainted with the key cost accounting terminology and will learn how to manage their company’s resources to achieve organizational goals.

This new edition includes an 
exciting new chapter on Customer Profitability, updated chapter contents, and real-world examples that will help learners to understand how to use cost accounting tools to make decisions to benefit their organizations.

With this book, readers will be able to:
  • Explore the world of Cost Accounting
  • Conduct Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis for your company
  • Learn to use Activity-based Costing
  • Understand concepts of Cost Allocation and Control
  • Make decisions using relevant cost information
  • Discover the difference between Customer and Product Profitability Analysis

Cost Accounting & Management Essentials is ideal for working professionals moving into management roles. This book will also be useful to senior management and individuals who need to understand cost accounting numbers.

Editorial Reviews

The book uses charts, graphics, tables and relevant examples to explain the concepts of cost accounting and also provides a detailed computation for each of them. Cost Accounting and Management Essentials is a well-organized book that will help students understand and conquer the subject easily.

- Jangho Gil, Assistant Professor of Accounting, Monmouth University Logo


The book is simple to understand, contains a plethora of questions and answers and is perfect for those who are studying cost accounting as a non-core subject. This book is broken down into bite-sized pieces so that the concepts of cost accounting are easy to digest and remember.

- Xihui Chen, Assistant Professor of Accounting, Finance at Heriot-Watt University


The book touches upon all the concepts required in cost accounting without getting into a lot of details. It introduces the readers to a lot of terminologies when it comes to cost classifications and behaviors.

- Dr Cheryl A Moore, Mercyhurst University, Assistant Professor of Accounting


This book covers adequate topics that are included in the PG curriculum in recent years. The theoretical coverage and language of the book is lucid and student-friendly. The illustrations are better placed and the book has simple examples that help elucidate the concepts. Overall, the book offers a clear understanding of cost and management accounting.

- Dr.Chetana Asbe, Faculty of Finance, Chetana's Institutte of Management & Research


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