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Advanced C++ Interview Questions You’ll Most Likely Be Asked

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  • 274 Advanced C++ Interview Questions
  • 75 HR Interview Questions
  • Real life scenario based questions
  • Strategies to respond to interview questions
  • 2 Free Aptitude Tests online

Advanced C++ Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked is a perfect companion to stand above the rest in today's competitive job market. Rather than going through comprehensive, textbook-sized reference guides, this book includes only the information required immediately for an ongoing job search for an I.T career. This book has coding and programming interview questions that will give you an idea of the nature of responses required to leave an impact in your IT interview.
The book contains:
  • 274 Advanced C++ Interview Questions, Answers and proven strategies for getting hired as an IT professional
  • Dozens of example responses to interview questions
  • 75 HR Questions with Answers and proven strategies to give specific, impressive, answers that help nail interviews
  • 2 Free Aptitude Tests- download from

About the Series
This book is part of the Job Interview Questions series that has more than 75 books dedicated to technical interview questions and answers for different interview subjects and HR-related topics.
This series of books has been written by experienced placement consultants and subject matter experts. Available in paperback and ebook form as well, these programming and coding interview questions will help job aspirants ace their interviews and start their dream career.