45-day MBA Crash Course Under $600


Vibrant Publisher’s Management Books Set includes an Overview of All the Essential Aspects of Management that you’ll learn in an MBA course!

BROOMFIELD, CO, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2022:  Vibrant Publishers is excited to announce the launch of their Management book set titled Management Essentials: A 45 Day Crash Course. This set of 15 books offers rich insights into every aspect of management and is a must-read for students and professionals whose job roles demand to have the knowledge imparted in a B-school but haven’t got the chance to visit one.

In the 21st-century workplace, the guiding principles of management are important for everyone to know, not just managers and CEOs. Knowledge of management practices and concepts, even at a rudimentary level, assists greatly in every career and every field. Yet, the tenets of this field of study are shrouded in mystery. Diplomas and degrees in management are surrounded by an air of exclusivity, not just because of their financial costs but also the time commitment they require.

Given this situation, and in a world where the importance of management is increasing by the day,  people are also focusing on acquiring various management skills that are relevant for their daily jobs. Managers, CEO’s, and budding entrepreneurs might require fundamental knowledge on various aspects of management like sourcing, managing projects, analyzing costs, making decisions, and managing human resources. Graduates need a comprehensive yet compact guide to studying management essentials—which they might not require right away but will definitely help them in the future. Vibrant’s 45- day management crash course acts like a checklist that will help these different types of learners to develop critical management skills.

Nirav Doshi, Senior Operations Manager at MSI Services Pvt. Ltd. has said, “All books in the Management Essentials for Entrepreneurs and Professionals are very well thought-out, concise and easy to understand with effective examples and case studies. This is a must-have set for any entry to mid-level managers before they take up management roles.” This set elaborates on the types of business strategies that individuals and professionals should use and effective decision-making techniques that can help in making informed, cost-effective choices for a business. It explores the supply chain and financial aspects of a business, as well as forays into the domains of project management, leadership, human resource management, and much more.





These books are part of Vibrant Publisher’s Self-Learning Management Series. They are couched in simple language, avoiding the technicalities of the subjects as far as possible, which makes it easy for students and professionals without a lot of time on their hands to study and teach themselves the fundamentals of these subjects. The 15 books in this Management Crash Course Set have been designed to provide learners with the essential theory and practical skills they require to succeed in their higher studies, business, or career—at a fraction of the amount spent on an MBA degree.

The paperback set is available for $585 and the hardback (color editions) set is available for $899.

About the Set

This book set includes an overview of Marketing (both Conventional and Digital), Business Strategies, Finance (Accounting & Managerial), Management Principles, Human Resources with HR Analytics, Operations & Supply Chain, Organizational Behaviour, Project Management (including Agile), Decision Making and Leadership. It offers a complete understanding of the business values required to start as well as run successful business ventures. Each book includes fundamentals, important concepts, standard principles, and practical ways of application of the subject matter.

About Self-Learning Management Series

Vibrant Publishers’ Self-Learning Management series is designed to address every aspect of business and help students, new managers, career switchers and entrepreneurs learn essential management lessons. Each book includes fundamentals, important concepts, standard and well-known principles as well as practical ways of application of the subject matter in a compact format which is very easy to interpret.

About Vibrant Publishers

Vibrant Publishers, Colorado, is a publishing house with a focus on publishing high-quality books for entrepreneurs, professionals and students. Vibrant Publishers has redefined how rich content is made available to today’s fast-paced generation. We have three series of books with content that is both concise and approachable. The three series are Self-Learning Management, Job Interview Questions, and Test Prep.

Title:  Management Essentials – A 45 Day Crash Course

Publisher: Vibrant Publishers

Paperback ISBN:1636510469| Hardcover ISBN: B098JXL3DM